What is WordPress

What is ? If you’re a regular user of the Internet, you’ve probably come across WordPress–whether you realized it at the time or not. It’s a tool that people all over the world can use to establish their web presence and reach more people. Whether you’ve heard of it or not, you might be asking yourself: ‘What is WordPress?’ For those who aren’t in the know, it can seem like a buzzword and one of many pieces of confusing terminology associated with the technical world. Let’s take a look at what WP is, how it can be used to start a website, and the benefits it can bring.

What Is WordPress?

In simple terms, WP is a program that helps you create your website or blog by providing you with the software needed to do so. WordPress builds PHP and MySQL, which is supported by almost all web hosts. The company Automattic began in 2003 with the mission of empowering people from all walks of life with the ability to establish themselves online. WP was originally designed for blogs but has since expanded its reach. It’s now used for sites of all shapes and forms–it’s suitable for Business websites, portfolios, eCommerce, Forums, Resumes, and even social networks. WordPress is ‘Open source’ and Creative license, which means the software is available for free for anybody who wants to use it; you can also make modifications if you have the technical know-how. Even better, it’s a content management system, which means anyone can add content to their WordPress website without programming–perfect for bloggers who lack technical knowledge. All in all, WP has enabled multiple companies and individuals to start their websites. Because WordPress is open-source, it can be used for free, but this isn’t necessarily the case–there are two different types of WordPress sites. Let’s examine them in more detail.

What are WP websites?

As you might expect, WordPress sites are webpages created using WP software. However, what you probably don’t realize is that there are two types of WordPress websites: those powered by WordPress.com, and those powered by WordPress.org. This may sound confusing at first, but the differences are actually quite simple. Generally, when people talk about WP, they’re referring to the Wordpress.org software. This is the original and open-source software that can be used for free. To create a Wordpress.org website, you’ll need to sort out a domain and hosting for yourself. The advantage of this is that you’ll own and be in total control of the website you create, but the downside is that this process can be overwhelming for someone with no prior experience. There’s a lot to learn and creating an attractive website can be less user friendly if you don’t know how to code. That’s where WordPress.com comes in. This is a free and paid-for service that uses the same software as Wordpress.org but in a much more user-friendly format. If you’d like more help with setting up your site and you don’t sacrificing some flexibility, it could be worth opting for WordPress.com. Whether through WordPress.org or WordPress.com, a huge number of websites were made using the WordPress software; prominent examples include the , , and page.There are countless others. Yet you probably didn’t realize you were navigating a WP site at the time as it’s not immediately obvious–pages powered by WordPress don’t appear different to any other websites once they’re online. It’s simply a platform to create your website on; exactly what type of website you choose to create is up to you. So, how do you go about creating your first website?

Why Should You Switch WordPress

Why should I use WordPress? Isn’t my old site good suitable? Why do I require to switch to WP from a different platform? If you’re asking these questions, then you’re at the best place. we will explain 4 important causes why you should use WordPress.

The most accepted CMS in the world

According to W3techs Usage statistics, WordPress controls overall 58.55 percent of the CMS market share and currently owns a quarter of all sites. A survey by Netcraft calculates that nearby 75 million websites recently use wp.

low setup and maintenancex costs

You just need to pay for the domain and web hosting. WordPress has many free themes and plugins. Additionally, it’s almost easy to get WordPress designers and developers, if you want to do more customization or development for the future. You don’t grow locked down by a static website or proprietary CMS that is costly to tweak after beginning development.

WordPress is easy to use

WordPress is a free CMS Application. It means you are free to download, install, use and modify it to match your needs. You can use it to build any kind of site. Overall, WP is a web application that allows website owners, editors, and authors to manage their website and publish content without any programming knowledge.

WordPress is SEO Friendly & Secure

WordPress is the best SEO friendly CMS because of its structure and high-quality code. After installing your website to WordPress, you can do more SEO friendly by 3rdpaty using WordPress SEO plugins. WordPress is extended with security in mind, and it is considered to be a very safe and secure platform to manage a website. However, to protect your WP site, there are a few easy things that you can do to get it even more secure.

How to find startup theme and plugins

A theme is the design layout for your website. There’s a huge variety here–some templates are very simple and minimalistic. where as others are much more busy and complicated. If you’re struggling to choose, think about how much information you need to convey and what your competitor sites look like. A plug-in is an extra feature you can add to your website. This could be something extremely simple, such as social media icons, or something more complex–perhaps a forum or contact form. Plug-ins can add an extra dose of personality and functionality to your site, but be careful not to choose too many as they can slow down the time needed to load your page. There are currently over 5,000 themes and 50,000 plug-ins available on WordPress, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. WordPress then allows you to edit the main features of your website’s theme easily. You’ll be able to edit the menu, choose a font, and change the color scheme. However, be aware that some themes are easier to edit than others–many providers would rather sell you their premium themes wordpress. Don’t worry if this is starting to sound complicated. You might come across some hurdles to begin with, but due to the popularity and longevity of WP. It’s easy to find tutorials and resources (like this one!) to overcome the issues you encounter. WP has been around so long that someone has almost certainly asked the question you want an answer to.

To sum up

Hopefully, you’ve realized that it’s straightforward enough for anyone to use–especially if you opt for a WordPress.com website. If you want a quick and easy way to start a site, WP could be a great option. Whatever you want your website for and however you want it to look. You’ll be sure to find the plug-ins and template to suit your needs. The hardest part is getting started- so what are you waiting for?