4 Tips For Overcoming Every Blogger’s Dread: Writer’s Block

Producing content as a blogger is not always easy. The constant demands for content can leave you with writer’s block quite often. Because a blog needs to be updated with good content multiple times a week in order to be successful, it can be a bit daunting to always have a deadline or always need something written.

Rather than staring at a computer screen for hours on end trying to figure out what your next blog post should be, there are some exercises and tips that you can use to overcome writers block so that you can produce good content in a timely manner.

1. Do some aimless Internet searching

Websites such as StumbleUpon and Reddit are excellent because they help you see a variety of interesting articles and blog posts that can help you find inspiration. If you read about a certain topic and are interested in it, you can begin to write about this topic yourself or write an opinion article on this topic.

Generally StumbleUpon and Reddit will also have popular sections of their website so that you can see the most read articles. Writing blog posts about popular items will help those posts attract readers. When something is very popular people are more apt to read it.

Using these randomizer’s can help you to find inspiration by providing you with many interesting topics that you can expand upon.

2. Have a conversation with someone

Some of the best blog posts can come directly from life or have a personal feel to them. By getting out into the world, or calling up a friend or family member, you can work to find inspiration through personal stories. By telling stories between friends you may even find something that you could write about in a blog or catalog in writing.

You could even write about the conversation because it interests you. Do not be concerned with how the conversation may interest other people as sometimes it is important just to write for yourself.

3. Meditate

Many people say that their best ideas come to them just as they are falling asleep or when they are relaxing. Spending some time just lying in bed, or in a position where you are comfortable and alone with just your thoughts could allow you to get some inspiration. By closing your eyes and keeping a notepad nearby you can jot down any ideas that you might have and use them later for blog posts.

It may be important to keep a notepad close to you in case you have any ideas throughout the day, or when you may be relaxing.

4. Read/ watch/ experience something completely new to you

Consider going out and exploring. By experiencing new things such as walking through a part of town that you’ve never been to, trying new food, playing new games or even watching programs and movies that you have never seen before, there is a good chance that a seed of inspiration may be planted from each one of these actions. Many great writers such as Jack Kerouac believe very much in experiencing new things within life and this could be part of what kept them inspired.

By using these 4 tips, and by generating more that work for you, it is possible to overcome writers block as a Blogger Template .

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