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Meaningless design briefs?

 In a recent interview, Stefan Sagmeister was asked if his studio had to deal with meaningless design briefs.

“One of the many advantages that comes with [being a small studio] is that we have more clients than we could possibly work on, and so obviously we tend to pick the best ones. So I would say almost none. The criteria roughly are: Is it a product or service that we think needs to be in the world, or would we use it ourselves? Are the people we’re dealing with nice? Do they have a proper deadline? Do they have a proper budget? That’s roughly it.”

From The Happy Show at the Institute of Contemporary Art

Similarly, that’s how I choose projects. Now and then I’ll do work where the product or service isn’t one I’d use or one that brings much benefit to the world. But if the client’s ethical, we get along well, and if the budget means I can take the time that’s needed, then that’s okay by me.

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